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 "Retreating From Violence in 2013," Huffington Post, December 27, 2012. Download as [PDF]

"Gun Control After Newtown," Project Syndicate, December 17, 2012. Download as [PDF]

"Finding the Keys to National Prosperity," Project Syndicate, September 26, 2012. Download as [PDF]

"How Malawi Fed Its Own People," International Herald Tribune, April 19, 2012. [Download as PDF]


"How America is strangling the state," Financial Times, December 15, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"A Nation of Vidiots," Project Syndicate, October 28, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"A budget plan that puts people first." with Congressman Mike Honda. CNN. May 23, 2011. [Download as PDF]


"Fighting for Survival: Sustainability in the Gulf" with Irwin Redlener, M.D. The Huffington Post. November 1, 2010. [Download as PDF]

"Educated women hold the key to ending poverty." The Independent. April 18, 2010. [Download as PDF]

"After the earthquake, how to rebuild Haiti from scratch." The Washington Post. 17 January 2010. [Download as PDF]


"Enough posturing politics. Time to let the experts lead." The Guardian. 2 December 2009. [Download as PDF]

"America's Broken Politics." The Guardian. 23 November 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Obama has lost his way on jobs," Financial Times. 11 November 2009. [Download as PDF]

"American has passed on the baton." Financial Times. 29 September 2009.

"The G-20: bring on the peer pressure." 25 September 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Bank Bonuses and the Reform Agenda in the Balance." Huffington Post. 6 August 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Still Needed: A Climate Plan", Scientific American, July 2009

"Needed: a New Generation of Problem Solvers," with John McArthur. The Chronice of Higher Education. 18 June 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Homegrown Aid." The New York Times. 8 April 2009. [Download as PDF]

"The Geithner-Summers plan is worse than you think," with Laurence J. Kotlikoff. Financial Times. 6 April 2009. [Download as PDF]

"G20 Accomplishments Beyond Expectation." Huffington Post. 2 April 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Making Rich Guys Richer." Huffington Post. 29 March 2009.  [Download as PDF]

"Crisis with a Cure." Financial Times Health Supplement. 26 March 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Obama's bank plan could rob the taxpayer." Financial Times. 25 March 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Will Geithner and Summers try to raid the FDIC and Fed?" Huffington Post. 23 March 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Capitalism and Moral Sentiments." Huffington Post. 21 March 2009. [Download as PDF]

"3 billion poor people need world's help." 20 March 2009. [Download as PDF]

"A strategy of contingent nationalisation." Financial Times. 5 February 2009.  [Download as PDF]

"Rewriting the rule book for 21st Century capitalism." The Guardian. 28 January 2009. [Download as PDF]

"The Case for Bigger Government." Time Magazine. 8 January 2009. [Download as PDF]


"Priorities for Fixing the Financial Crisis." Scientific American. December 2008.

"Monday Meltdown: How Lehman's Fall Created a Global Panic." Fortune. 15 December 2008. [Download as PDF]

"The Obama Generation Takes the Helm." GOOD Magazine. 10 December 2008. [Download as PDF]

"A New System for Development Aid."'s Comment. 28 November 2008. [Download as PDF]

"A Bridge for the Carmakers." Washington Post. 17 November 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Better Cities, Better Life: Challenges for Shanghai." Shanghai Daily. 12 November 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Land, Water and Conflict." Newsweek. July 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Climate Change: feed it and weep, or lead and reap." Sydney Morning Herald. 25 July 2008. [Download as PDF]

"How to Solve the Growing Global Food Crisis, in Three Steps." NY Daily News. 23 July 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Less talk, more action needed." The Guardian. 25 June 2008.

Bien Común.”  Centro de Investigación Social, Un Techo Para Chile.  Año 7, No. 12.  Segundo Semestre 2008.  Santiago, Chile, translated from “Common Wealth” TIME Magazine, March 2008.


"Enough Excuses, Canada." The Ottawa Citizen. 13 June 2007.
[Download as PDF]

"How the Rich World can Help Africa Help Itself." Financial Times. 30 May 2007.
[Download as PDF]

"Take the guessing out of giving aid to Africa." Financial Times. 1 March 2007.

[Download as PDF]


"It Only Takes a Village," with Nirupam Bajpai. India Today. 2 July 2006.
[Download article as PDF]

"Pay for it Now, or Pay for it Later." The Globe and Mail. 19 June 2006.
[Download article as PDF]

"Aid Skeptics Thrive on Pessimism." Los Angeles Times. 7 May 2006.
[Download article as PDF]

"Net Gains." The New York Times. 29 April 2006. 
[Download article as PDF

"How the Fund can Regain and Sustain Global Legitimacy." The Financial Times. 20 April 2006.
[Download article as PDF]


"It is Time for Fine Words to Give Way to Meaningful Action," Financial Times, 27 December 2005.
[Download article in PDF format]

"Ambition and action are as important as commitments," Financial Times, 15 September 2005.
[Download article in PDF format]

"Look Into the Future," The Guardian (special supplement), September 3, 2005.
[Download article in PDF format]

"Hope and generosity can triumph over hate," Financial Times, July 11, 2005.
[Download article in PDF format]

"Four Easy Pieces," The New York Times, June 25, 2005.
[Download article in PDF format]

"India in the Era of Economic Reforms: From Outsourcing to Innovation," with Nirupam Bajpai, Think On , May 2005.
[Download article in PDF format]

"The end of the world as we know it," The Guardian, April 5, 2005.
[Download article in PDF format]

"It is time to free the World Bank," Financial Times, March 23, 2005.
[Download article in PDF format]

"India Can Achieve its Date with Destiny by 2015 with Planning," with Nirupam Bajpai, The Week, February 27, 2005.
[Download article in PDF format]

"An accountable approach to aid," Financial Times, January 24, 2005.
[Download article in PDF format]

"A Practical Plan to End Poverty," Washington Post, January 17, 2005.
[Download article in PDF format]


"Myanmar: sanctions won't work," Financial Times, July 28, 2004.
[Download article in PDF format]

"The G8 must fund the war against poverty," Financial Times, June 7, 2004.
[Download article in PDF format]

"Don’t Know, Should Care",  The New York Times, June 5, 2004.
[Download article in PDF format]

"From His First Day in Office, Bush was Ousting Aristide," Los Angeles Times, 4 March 2004. [Download as PDF]

"Don't fall for Washington's spin on Haiti," Financial Times, March 1, 2004
[Download article in PDF format]


"Call It Our Bolivian Policy of Not-So-Benign Neglect," Washington Post, October 26, 2003
[Download article in PDF]

"The World must not let America set its agenda," Financial Times, October 15, 2003
[Download article in PDF]

"A Better Use for our $87 Billion," Boston Globe, September 13, 2003.
[Download text of article in PDF]

"Bush's billions will prolong Iraq's woes," Financial Times,September 10, 2003
[Download text of article in PDF]

"World needs Japan in fight against diseases," with Joanne Carter, The Asahi Shimbun, August 26, 2003. [Download as PDF]

"The real target of the war in Iraq was Saudi Arabia," Financial Times, 13 August 2003. [Download as PDF]

"A Miserly Response to a Global Emergency," Financial Times, July 17, 2003.
[Download text of article in PDF]

"AIDS Funds Fall Short," with Paul Zeitz, Boston Globe, July 11, 2003.
[Download text of article in PDF]

"Well-Directed Development Aid can Unlock Forces of Economic Growth," with Philip Lane, The Irish Times, 10 July 2003. [Download as PDF]

"If We Cared to, We Could Defeat World Poverty," with Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Los Angeles Times, July 9, 2003.
[Download text of article in PDF]

" A Rich Nation, a Poor Continent," The New York Times, July 9, 2003.
[Download article as PDF]

"American intentions are tainted by Iraq's oil" Financial Times, May 22, 2003.
[Download text of article in PDF]

"An economic 'menu of pain'," with Laurence Kotlikoff, Boston Globe, May 19, 2003
[Download text of article in PDF]

"A world for which Bush cares little," Financial Times, April 9, 2003.
[Download text of article in PDF]

"America should not fight AIDS on its own," Financial Times, February 4, 2003.
[Download text of article as PDF]


"How to save the world in Johannesburg," Financial Times, August 13, 2002
[Download text of article as PDF]

"AIDS and Africa: Where is the U.S.?" with Sonia Ehrlich Sachs.  Boston Globe.  February 4, 2002.
[Download article in PDF]

"Duhalde’s Wrong Turn," Financial Times, January 11, 2002
[Download article in PDF]


"The Benefits of a Weaker Yen". Financial Times. April 18, 2001. CIDNEWS [Download as PDF]

"A Global Fund for the Fight Against AIDS". Washington Post. April 7, 2001. [Download as PDF]

"The Best Possible Investment in Africa". New York Times. February 10, 2001. CIDNEWS. [Download as PDF]


"A Millennial Gift to Developing Nations," New York Times, June 6, 1999. [Download as PDF]


"It's too late to seal a global climate deal. But we need action, not Kyoto II." The Guardian. 30 September 2009.