The Program

Internships provide undergraduate, graduate and PhD students at Columbia and Barnard with an exciting opportunity to work at the Earth Institute centers in a variety of administration, communications and research positions.  Interns work on a variety of sustainability focused projects across the Earth Institute.  These projects provide interns with hands-on workplace experience, allowing them to learn and grow professionally.  Earth Institute centers benefit from meaningful contributions from bright and motivated students.

The Projects

Through these internships, students learn about the missions, administration and projects of the individual centers within the Earth Institute, while working with leading members of the scientific community.  Interns benefit from the exposure that comes from working with such centers and add value to their academic experience at Columbia University.  Students that come to work for the Earth Institute have varied backgrounds and come from a wide range of departments including anthropology, environmental policy and electrical engineering, to name a few.

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To Apply

Internships are available to undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students at Columbia and Barnard.  All positions pay $15 per hour.  During the fall and spring, interns work part-time, approximately 10-15 hours per week.  In the summer, interns work full-time, up to 35 hours per week.


Summer 2017 Deadlines:
April 5th - Positions announced
April 26th - Applications due
May 15th - Decisions sent out

Application Process

Applicants will need to submit a resume that details their relevant work and educational experiences and a cover letter stating their interests and qualifications for the internship for which they are applying.

Cover letters should be addressed to Jessica Sotomayor, Senior Program Manager, Office of Academic and Research Programs.

For more information on the process or individual inquiries, please contact

Current Positions Available

Summer 2017 Internships


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